Concern over caravan site application near Weedon

A travellers' camp
A travellers' camp

Villagers have raised concerns about a planning application which could see a travellers’ site developed for the Daventry district.

The proposal for a site for caravans to pitch has been submitted by Shropshire-based Green Planning Studio for land at Stowe Hill, just off the A5.

The parish councils at Weedon Bec, Stowe IX Churches and Flore have objected to the application.

A spokesman for Weedon Bec Parish Council said: “We consider the application inappropriate in respect of where it is; that is close to Nene Way footpath and canal conservation area which will spoil open space.

“The very poor vehicular access – it is a steep incline –means with vans pulling a caravan we have grave concerns for road safety at a very fast bit of the A5.

“An accident a couple of weeks ago was just a little further down towards the crossroad lights from the site entrance and there was a fatality in that area a few years ago, so we really do think it could be an accident waiting to happen.

“We are also concerned that while the applications states one van and one mobile home, we really wonder if this would be adhered to and, if it isn’t, whether they would be challenged. Also, the concerns that the site could be used for business purposes like scrap metal, meaning the site becomes unsightly as well as more traffic movements in/out of site.

“Quite a few residents have raised concerns about the site.”

Similar concerns have also been raised by Stowe IX Churches Parish Council, which has strongly objected to the plans.

It believes the plans fall outside the confines of the village and is concerned about highways issues relating to the applicatio.

The planning application will be determined by Daventry District Council.

No date has been set for when it will be determined.