Complaints about mud lead to halting of building work on 80 homes in Bugbrooke

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Construction work on 80 new homes at a site in Bugbrooke has been halted for 28 days following complaints about the amount of mud left on the road by construction traffic.

Developers of the site, Persimmon Homes, were issued the Temporary Stop Notice (TSN) by South Northamptonshire Council last Friday after complaints were received from nearby residents and members of Bugbrooke Parish Council.

The development, which will see a new development of homes built on the site off Johns Road and Pilgrims Lane, was given planning permission on the condition that vehicles leaving the site be cleaned and the road outside be kept tidy.

The council have consequently halted all construction work on the site for 28 days unless the developers can first demonstrate that satisfactory measures have been put in place to protect the road from more mud.

The council’s head of planning and environment, Rebecca Breese, said: “Conditions are put in place to ensure a planning permission is acceptable once built as well as to protect the amenity of neighbours and others during the construction period.

“As we do not impose conditions lightly we will enforce them when it is in our community’s interest to do so.”