Complaint lodged over high-speed rail plans in village on Northamptonshire border

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Plans to build a maintenance loop for high-speed trains near a tranquil village on the Northamptonshire border has sparked an an official complaint from a council.

The Department for Transport’s high speed rail delivery firm HS2 Limited wants to build the loop for broken down trains near the village of Priors Hardwick, nine miles from Daventry, which has sparked anger in the community.

As a result, Warwickshire County Council has sent an official letter to Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin.

In it, Warwickshire County Council’s deputy leader Councillor Bob Stevens has demanded more transparent and meaningful dialogue with HS2 Ltd.

He said: “We entered into community and planning forum meetings in good faith, optimistic this form of engagement would be an open and honest dialogue.

“We are dismayed at the recent announcements, including an 11h hour bombshell that Priors Hardwick is to face the additional burden of a maintenance loop.

“If Warwickshire County Council is to continue to engage and cooperate with HS2 Ltd, then we must insist that HS2 Ltd reconsider its approach to dealing with affected communities across Warwickshire and moves quickly to a position of more transparent and meaningful dialogue, so as to minimise any further distress and mistrust amongst our communities.”

Warwickshire County Council is opposed to HS2 and is a member of the 51M local authority group, which has successfully submitted grounds for Judicial Review, which will be heard this December.

The introduction of the Hybrid Bill, which will allow HS2 to proceed, is scheduled to go before Parliament towards the end of next year.