Commissioner Simmonds seeks assistant on £65k salary

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Adam Simmonds has placed adverts for three permanent assistant police and crime commissioners, all earning £65,000 a year.

The adverts, which are on the Northamptonshire Police website, are for a permanent assistant commissioner for governance, justice, and public involvement.

Temporary assistants were appointed in the immediate aftermath of Mr Simmonds’ election victory in November, including close aides from his election campaign. Responding, once again, to claims of cronyism this week, Mr Simmonds said he would not be able to do the role without a team around him.

He said: “I have created these appointments because I need these things done and I don’t make any apologies for that at all. When I look around the country, I am the youngest PCC in England and I am determined not to waste any time.

“There are PCCs 25 years older than me who are only just getting to grips with putting a police and crime plan and a budget together. I would rather get on with it.”