Commissioner candidate offers olive branch to officers

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The Conservative candidate hoping to become Police & Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire has told the Chron how he wants to work with police officers, not against them.

Adam Simmonds today said he was hoping to engage with the Police Federation, which represents rank and file Northamptonshire Police officers, after a row broke out last week over his comments that too many officers were on high wages and the force was under-performing.

Tory hopeful Mr Simmonds hit out at the force for paying “Manchester City wages” and producing “Division Two results”.

His comments drew criticism from his rivals and prompted the defence from the county branch of the Police Federation.

Speaking today, however, Mr Simmonds said: “I would want them to join with me in working so Northamptonshire Police are the best in the country.

“Right now we are spending a lot of money but we are not getting the kind of results we deserve. We have to think about whether the strategy is right and whether we are going in the right direction.

“If we are electing a leader, someone who is going to set new priorities, and these are the sort challenges and questions we have to ask.

“I want the Police Federation to work with me on this.”