Coffee and milkshakes added to the menu at Mu Mu in Northamptonshire

James Franklin from Mu Mu espresso bar
James Franklin from Mu Mu espresso bar

A restaurant which only opened a year ago is now offering coffee, milkshakes and cakes at its espresso bar.

Mu Mu opened its restaurant serving burgers and pizzas in Rockingham Road, Kettering, last December.

We are trying to do drinks that you can’t get elsewhere in Kettering

James Franklin

Since then, they have extended the premises and customers can now visit the espresso bar which is open from 8am to 4pm five days a week.

Barista James Franklin, who has been in the coffee business for five years, said: “It’s in the same building, but they extended the bar through.

“At night it is a cocktail bar and waiting area for people waiting for tables, but in the day we are using it for people to have coffee and cakes.

“I only run the espresso bit myself but I know the restaurant has been very popular.

“People like it because it’s different, they love the food and the quirky decoration.

“At the espresso bar we are trying to do drinks that you can’t get elsewhere in Kettering.

“We are trying to serve coffee that’s good.”

The espresso bar offers coffee, hot chocolate and milkshakes, and has just started a loyalty card system where customers who buy six hot drinks will get the seventh free.

James said they like to offer a personal service and he will make recommendations to customers depending on their individual tastes.

The opening of the espresso bar led to James’ job being created, and it is hoped that its success will lead to more jobs in the future.

James said: “As we get busier, we will need to take more people on and we are hoping to build it up.”

Mu Mu is also set to open a new restaurant in St Giles Street, Northampton, this week.

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