Cobblers chairman: ‘It is not fair to blame all the delays on us’ in takeover talks

Chairman of Northampton Town, David Cardoza
Chairman of Northampton Town, David Cardoza

Northampton Town chairman David Cardoza claims it is unfair to blame his family for all of the delays on the takeover deal.

Mr Cardoza was speaking after a public statement from the former chairman of Oxford United, Kelvin Thomas, which blamed the Cardoza family for the delay in signing a deal to take over the club.

Mr Thomas, who is leading a consortium wanting to takeover the club, gave details of the progress of talks, agreements with Buckingham Group and progress with Northampton Borough Council. But he said the Cardozas had taken “too long” to agree the signing over of shares and questioned why the talks had been delayed.

He also said it was “a risky strategy” to introduce new parties at this late stage. The petition of administration hearing is on November 27 and the winding-up petition is November 30.

Speaking to the Chron, Mr Cardoza said it was unfair to blame him and his families for all of the delays in reaching an agreement.

“The talks have been taken so long because there are a number of parties involved. There have been discussions that haven’t even involved us.

“We are going to resolve this. We were always going to resolve this and it has dragged on for far too long.

“Time is rapidly running out but we will have a deal concluded well in advance of the court hearings next week.”

When questioned about the impact it has had on the 200 people who work at Northampton Town and have not received payment for three weeks, Mr Cardoza said: “We are very disappointed this has taken so long. They are a fantastic bunch of staff but we expect to make a deal soon.”

Speaking about the other possible interested parties, Mr Cardoza said: “There have been a number of other groups, but there are two main ones. There is one group that I have known for a long, long time and will be known to a lot of the fans. There is another group that has been working very, very hard to get a conclusion.”

He also dismissed the allegation that they wanted to see the club go into administration.

“This is not a financial dispute. We are selling the club for £1, it is not about the money for us, it is about getting the best possible deal for the club going forward,” he added.