Co-founder of Northampton's Brooklyn Pizza Bar launches own fashion brand

Wear Boundary clothing is now available to buy online.
Wear Boundary clothing is now available to buy online.

The co-founder of a Northampton pizza bar has launched his own clothing line called 'Wear Boundary' with some designs playing on Brexit, and bondage.

Ryan Wakeman describes himself as a Northamptonshire entreprenur whose background is "based around nightclubs, pizza and sex toys".

He set up his website after noticing that many people at the Northampton County Beer Festival last year were wearing similar branded t-shirts.

After wanting to set up his own clothing line for a number of years his mission was then to create a brand and name with 'purpose', something, which he says, people could 'relate and aspire to'.

Men and women's fashion brand 'Wear Boundary' was soon set up as a 'motivational clothing brand inspiring success' and so far he has created a range of t-shirts and sweatshirts, with plans to expand later this year.

Other cheeky designs are included in the 'Cherry Love Collection' in collaboration with the adult store, Cherry Love.

Mr Wakeman, whose has previously worked in nightclubs and, said: "So whilst enjoying a relaxing afternoon with friends, working their way through the various breweries showcased, it became apparent that a considerable number of people were wearing the same branded t-shirt: a simple white t-shirt with a clear distinct logo.

"The concept of pushing the boundaries and defying the boundaries were conceived and developed, and thus 'Wear Boundary' was born."

The range focuses on designs based around a logo with a message underneath.

Most popular of the designs is the bright red t-shirt featuring a superhero and the message ‘Defy the Boundaries’.

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