Clarke says PFA ‘would drag Gazza to clinic’ if it could


Cobblers player Clarke Carlisle said the football players’ union will continue to support Paul Gascoigne following his worrying public appearance in Northampton last week.

The England star caused extreme worries for his health following an abandoned question and answer session at The Park Inn on Thursday, which provoked sympathy in the national media.

His agent later admitted the former Kettering Town manager’s life is in danger from his drinking problem.

Clarke Carlisle, who is chairman of the Professional Footballers’ Assocaition told Radio 4’s Today Programme: “We’ll continue to give him our full support because that’s what we’re here for.

“We have put several people to Gazza and, bar manhandling him and dragging him to a facility, which unfortunately we can’t do and would do if we could, we have put everyone we possibly can across his path.

“We have been in touch with his friends, his advisers, and agents and we will do again.”

On past attempts to help the ex-Newcastle and Lazio star beat his long-term alcoholism, Carlisle said: “He has been through the clinics on several occasions, he’s had counsellors and therapists at his disposal that he has seen and chosen not to see at times.

“We put out as much as we possibly can for him and all of our members.

“But if he chooses to drink that first drink, it is always a choice and where you go from there is a complete and utter lottery.”

Those who saw Gascoigne at the curtailed charity event on Thursday expressed their sorrow at his state via the Chron’s Facebook page.

Lee Warren: “They said he was ill that night, he was about dead. It was such a shame, there were so many grown men nearly in tears including myself.

“It should have never happened, he should never have gone on that stage.”