Claims that Northampton rough sleeper was drenched by bucket of water are untrue

Northants Street Angels first reporter this on Sunday night (February 11).
Northants Street Angels first reporter this on Sunday night (February 11).

A volunteer group, who first reported that a rough sleeping woman in Northampton was soaked by a bucket of water, has now said the 'allegation wasn't quite true'.

The incident was originally reported by the Northants Street Angels at about 10pm on Sunday (February 11) after the volunteer group found a young woman doused in water in Abington Street before they exchanged her wet bedding for dry items.

The Northants Street Angels also set up a fundraising page and have raised over £1,200 for the woman to stay in a hotel.

But in a recent update on their Facebook page, published hours ago, the volunteer group have now said her allegations were not all true and "due to maybe desperation after an unfortunate catalogue of circumstances."

The post reads: "After speaking with other agencies and services, and with other members of the homeless community, the decision has been made to remove the original post.

"We reported the allegation as it was told to us by the victim. But it would seem that the allegation wasn’t quite true and that due to maybe desperation after an unfortunate catalogue of circumstances, was a cry for help. We always endeavour to help anyone and everyone that asks us and have reached out to the lady to let her know that the offer of help is still there if she wants it, without judgement.

"We have had many reports from our homeless community over the last two years of assaults, tents being set fire to, belongings being taken, the list is endless, and we treat all allegations in the same way and have replenished many items that have been stolen, damaged or destroyed.

"We never imagined that the original post would have gone as viral as it did, but understand that it would affect people as emotionally just as it did us that evening. Watts furniture has done nothing wrong and as far as we can gather there was no bucket of water involved.....going forward we would still like to help the lady, and anyone else that needs it.

"Obviously, the original fund was set up to help get this lady off the street...but until we can speak with her we don’t know what she would like to do. We will keep you posted with information as we get it and we will try to get back to everyone that has messaged.

"We totally understand if anyone would want their donation back. We have it sitting in PayPal for the time being. If you would like it back then please get in touch with your email/PayPal name and we will return. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Let’s get the word out and correct the information that is public xx."