Circumstances of defendants' arrests in David Miller case emerge at Northampton Crown Court

The prosecution in the David Miller murder case told the court the circumstances of the arrests of the four defendants accused of the killing.

Monday, 26th June 2017, 1:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:31 am
David Miller in a photograph taken in the 1990s

The arrests of the four defendants in the murder case were all made on the same day that the body was discovered after 37-year-old defendant Michael Hallett led the police to the crime scene.Hallett was arrested at around 5.30am on June 14, 2016.

At 11.55am on the same day Ian Cuthbertson, 49, was arrested in the canteen area of Oasis House Northampton Hope Centre, and Peter Joyce, prosecuting, told the court Cuthbertson was described as anxious and compliant during his arrest.

Mr Joyce also told the court during his opening statement that Cuthbertson said in a police interview at 9pm on June 14 that David Miller and defendant Joseph Catlin, 30, were both living at Mr Miller’s flat on Patterdale Walk, where the murder took place.

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Cuthbertson also said that defendant Zena Kane, 35, was being allowed to stay in the flat.

The jury heard that when asked about where he was on the date of the murder Cuthbertson told police he had been at the flat, and that “everyone had taken tablets". The type of tablet was not disclosed in court.

Cuthbertson said he had fallen asleep in the lounge, woken up the next day and left Mr Miller’s flat to go to town. Mr Joyce then pointed out to the court that Cuthbertson’s statement places him in the flat at the time of the alleged murder.

Kane was arrested at 11.30am on June 14 at Northampton Hospital, where she was visiting Catlin who was being treated following a heroin overdose as a result of him having injected the drug for the first time.

When informed she was being arrested for murder, Kane is said to have responded: “You’re joking.”

The prosecution told the court that a medical examination of Kane by a doctor showed opiate and alcohol withdrawals consistent with dependencies. No injuries could be seen on her arms or legs, and she did not give consent to have the rest of her body examined.

The court heard that Kane did not give any meaningful answers to interviews on June 15 and 16, but did say that Mr Miller was a friend of hers who let her stay in his flat.

Kane allegedly told police that she knew the assault in the bedroom was happening but said she was too scared to interfere. She remained silent in subsequent interviews.

Catlin was also arrested in hospital on June 14 where, as mentioned above, he was being treated for a heroin overdose.

Mr Joyce had earlier told the court how the police were called to an incident on June 12 at 2.25am near Church Lane. Hallett and Kane were said to be standing near a prone and unresponsive man, Catlin, who was treated at the scene and taken to hospital.

The court heard that Catlin told police after his arrest: “I have not seen David Miller for a while.”

He said it was the first time he had injected heroin, woke up to medics treating him, and later woke up in hospital where he “found out my mate was dead".

Police reported he had normal speech and physical appearance, and two abrasions on his lower back.

Catlin said: “The last time I saw David Miller he was alive and well.”

He also claimed that he had no recollections leading up to the death of Mr Miller.

The trial continues.