Chron veteran who rode through a snow storm to his wedding dies aged 96

Bob Burdett retired from the Chron in 1983
Bob Burdett retired from the Chron in 1983

A Northampton pensioner who worked at the Chronicle & Echo for over 50 years has passed away at the age of 96.

Bob Burdett, who grew up in Far Cotton before moving to a house in Little Houghton where he lived until he died, retired from the newspaper in 1983, having started as a fly-hand in his early teens and working his way up to press manager.

He worked for a short time during the early 1930’s in the building trade where he met the boss’s daughter, and his soon-to-be wife. The pair became engaged as Mr Burdett was called up for National Service with the RAF.

On the night before their wedding day, he had to ride 50 miles from his station in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, to Northampton during a snow storm.

Refusing to be late for his big day, Mr Burdett abandoned his motorcycle when it gave up halfway through the journey and ran the rest of the way.

He returned to the Chron as soon as he left the RAF and lived with Sylvia in Little Houghton as they raised their four children, Yvonne, Georgina, Steven and Russell. The pair went on to have nine grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Georgina, the second oldest, now lives in Hardingstone with her husband, Philip. She said: “He was a lovely father, always very protective of his daughters and lives a relatively quiet life. He was a homely man and not one for going away - I remember he once took us in a taxi to the east coast so that we could have a holiday by the sea.

“But before my mother sadly died, they both loved dancing and enjoyed going to classes together.”

She added: “The Chron was his life and I remember him taking me around the offices and showing me the printing room when I was little and even to visit Auntie Gladys, his sister, who also worked there.”

Bob Burdett had five brothers and one sister. Family and friends will be attending his funeral at Little Houghton church at 11.30am next Thursday, August 7.