CHRON COMMENT: Cobblers chairman David Cardoza must sign the deal now to save Northampton Town

Cobblers chairman David Cardoza
Cobblers chairman David Cardoza

The anger and frustration felt by Cobblers fans and staff at Northampton Town was encapsulated by the passionate comments of manager Chris Wilder on Saturday. And there is only one man who can end their pain. David Cardoza.

With just days left before court hearings that could see the end of the club as we know it, we are still apparently no nearer reaching a conclusion that will save the club. Every day there is a new twist or turn, every day the club edges closer to the point of no return.

No matter what has happened in the past, no matter who is to blame for the disastrous state that the club is now in, there is now only one person who can secure a more certain future of Northampton Town.

David Cardoza, chairman and owner of Northampton Town. He has to take responsibility for what has happened. He was in charge when the club was given £10.25 million to redevelop the stadium. He is in charge now as the club stands on the edge of the abyss. And he has to sort it. Today.

There are three deals on the table. We are not privy to the details of those deals but those who are in the know say that Kelvin Thomas’s offer is the best option for the club.

The patience of the fans and those working at the club has been stretched to the absolute limit...and beyond.

Time and time again deadlines have been missed, tax bills have not been paid, loan repayments have not been met and promised resolutions have failed to materialise. The club now no longer has any options. Hopes of plans, B, C and D are rapidly diminishing as the deadlines approach ahead of the petition for administration hearing and the winding-up order court cases on November 27 and November 30.

The time for talking is over. This is the last chance deliver on what has been promised that the club will not go into adminstration. The inquiry into what has happened can come later. Now signatures need to be put on documents, new owners need to take over and Northampton Town has to be saved.

David Cardoza has publicly stated that he is prepared to walk way from the club even if that means losing the £6 million he says he is owed.

Now is that moment. Sign the deal and allow it to survive.