Christmas set to cost £617.31 per household in Northampton, according to report

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People in Northampton are set to spend a Christmas stocking-bursting £617.31 this festive season, according to a new survey.

It is estimated that more than £16.5 billion will be spent at the tills this Christmas, with the average spend hitting £614 per household.

Northampton is slightly above the national average. The survey, compiled by Travelodge, shows people in the town will spend the following:
Presents - £448.29; Food & drink - £98.76; Decorations - £40.14; Travel - £30.12; Total - £617.31.

On average people in Northampton will purchase 17 presents this year (compared to UK average of 14) at an average cost of £26.37 per present (£28.19 is the UK average), totalling £448.29 (UK average is £394.66). The traditional Christmas feast will come in at £98.76 compared to the UK average of £140.05, with 61% of locals stating that they will be purchasing the majority of their festive food shopping in value brand stores this year.

The report also revealed that during the season of goodwill, 78% of locals will be hitting the roads to spend Christmas Day with family and friends. On average people in Northampton will be travelling 60 miles, spending £30.12 on their yuletide journey.