Christmas campaign launched by police in Northampton

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Police in Northamptonshire are to launch the force’s annual Christmas crackdown on drunken revellers who cause problems in town centre pubs and clubs.

The festive scheme is part of Northamptonshire Police’s Operation Challenge, to fight violent crime, and police are this year vowing to run a deicated campaign to cut down alcohol-related violence.

Chief Inspector Andy Cox said: “The festive season is a great time for people to go out and enjoy themselves on work Christmas outings and with friends. We want to make sure that they can do just that without being affected by violent behaviour so we are launching a campaign to get that message across.

“The campaign is all about raising awareness and education. Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the risk of becoming a victim or offender of violence and we’re encouraging people to stop and think – one drunken mistake, getting aggressive and involved in a fight can potentially lead to life-changing consequences.

“We are also highlighting how people can stay safe and reduce the risk of being a victim.

“We have a dedicated operation focusing on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour throughout December and officers will be engaging with people, talking about the campaign and giving out leaflets. We’ll also be getting the messages out there on buses, phone boxes, posters, online and by social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.”

He added: “Christmas should be a time of good will and peace, as the carols say, and we’re here to clamp down on those who ruin that by breaking the law.”