Children of Northampton woman who died from asbestos cancer appeal for information from workmates

A grieving brother and sister are appealing for help after their mum, a former factory worker, died after suffering from an asbestos-related cancer.

Tuesday, 19th April 2016, 4:00 am

Cherrill Bradshaw, from Northampton, passed away at the age of just 62 in October 2014 leaving a devastated son, Gary, and daughter, Lisa.

They have instructed specialist lawyers to investigate conditions at three places she worked at to see if a presence of asbestos led to her being diagnosed with mesothelioma decades after her employment.

As part of their investigations, the lawyers urgently want to speak to anyone who worked with Cherrill during a career which included roles firstly as a machinist and then as a supervisor in factories around her local town.

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In particular, they want to hear from anyone with knowledge of a fire in an adjoining factory at Barratts shoes in the 1980s, which led to damage next door where Cherrill was part of a team tasked with the clean-up process.

Even though not everywhere in the factory suffered damage, dust from the fire spread to all the areas they were required to clean.

Lawyers Irwin Mitchell claim it was “dusty and dirty work” and Cherrill had to sweep up and dust down the machines and work benches.

The solicitors are also looking into whether, prior to this, in the late 1970s, there was asbestos around pipes in two other factories where Cherrill working as a machinist.

Kim Barrett, a specialist asbestos lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who is representing Cherrill’s children, said: “We now see on a daily basis the devastating impact exposure to asbestos years ago is having on thousands of people’s lives.

“This tragic case has left a son and daughter searching for answers after losing their mum unexpectedly and far too soon. Although we cannot change the past, we can investigate working conditions and see whether Cherrill and other employees were safeguarded from the deadly dust or if more could have been done to keep her safe.”

Lisa, 44, said: “My mum worked very hard all her life, both at home and work, to bring up her children and support her family.

“As retirement approached she was suddenly diagnosed with mesothelioma which turned our family upside down and left us devastated.

“Watching her last months was incredibly upsetting and the least we now deserve is answers to tell us what caused her to develop such a painful illness.

“If you have any information that could help then we’d really appreciate your support.”

Anyone who worked with Cherrill and has information on the presence of asbestos can call Kim Barrett on 0121 214 5211 or email [email protected]