Children in Northampton neglect case 'falsely' accused foster carers of abuse, court hears

The children at the centre of a Northampton child neglect case also accused their foster parents of abusing them during their time in social services, a court heard today.

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 6:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 11:17 am
A trial is underway over alleged trial neglect at a Northampton household.
A trial is underway over alleged trial neglect at a Northampton household.

The father in the case is accused of regularly beating his children, punishing them for using the toilet and not feeding them properly.

The children were taken away by social services and put into foster care.

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But at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (April 2), the father's defence barrister, Andrew Fitch-Holland, asked a foster carer what life was like with them.

The court heard how the children accused her to her face that she hit them and abused them.

"Allegations were made against you and your husband," said Mr Fitch-Holland. "But of course, that wasn't true, was it?"

"No," said the foster carer.

"Little boys do tell fibs sometimes," said Mr Fitch-Holland. "It's fair to say in your time with them you've had trouble with the boys not telling the truth?

"[One child] even said your husband held him up against a wall so he couldn't breathe.

"That is an example of them making a false allegation against you, isn't it?"

The foster carer replied: "That is an example of them trying to figure out right from wrong. I had many conversations with them about what was and wasn't abuse.

"These were very damaged children."

The jury has already heard evidence from one of the children in a recorded interview he gave the police where he says his father regularly beat him.

The most serious allegations in the case surround a boy was allegedly locked naked and alone in a dark bedroom with no mattress, furniture or lightbulb. When police found the room, the walls and floors were covered in excrement.

Last week, a child taken from the household even reportedly told his foster carer that 'daddy smacked me' when the man changed his nappy.

At court yesterday, a witness told the court the man would smack their own child during toilet training.

The woman told the jury: "He would smack [their child] across the bum and legs... he told him, 'you stink, you won't have any friends'.

The son supported the claim in court when he gave evidence to court.

The defendant claims this never happened and 'toilet training never concerned him'.

The trial continues.