Children appeal for return of ‘mummy polar bear’ to their Northampton home

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Pranksters have upset three brothers by stealing a decorative polar bear from outside their house in Northampton.

The bear was part of a Christmas lights display outside a house in Obelisk Rise where twins Kai and Zak, aged seven, and brother Luke, 10, live.

The boys were fond of the bear and its cub but were upset to see that the bigger animal was stolen at the weekend after someone cut the electrical wire.

Their dad, Kirk Perryman, said: “The boys are upset by it because they really like the display.

“We’re going to put a sign outside saying ‘Please bring my mummy back’.

“I know its probably just a drunken prank on the way back from the pub, but I’d like to think someone might bring it back to cheer the boys up a bit.”