Charity works to break the cycle of crime

Suzy Van Rooyen and Jane Thornton, project managers at C2C Charitable Trust
Suzy Van Rooyen and Jane Thornton, project managers at C2C Charitable Trust
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A charity which works with the criminal justice system to try to help break the cycle of offending will mark its 10th anniversary next year.

The C2C Charitable Trust, which is based at 4-8 Duke Street, Northampton, is raising awareness of its work to coincide with Prisons Week, which took place last month.

The Christian charity offers support at all stages of the criminal justice system, from short-term support to anything up to two years.

They also work in schools on the Cut it Out project, to warn youngsters against a life of crime.

Director Julie Parsons, who is a custody sergeant, set up the charity to try and help break the cycle of offending, and it currently has 15 long-term clients.

Project managers Jane Thornton and Suzy Van Rooyare among the staff who oversee the operation, along with other full and part-time staff and volunteers.

Suzy said: “We support people at any stage of the criminal justice system – the police station, in prison or out on licence. People can dip in and out of the service, wherever they are.

“We get a lot of referrals from the Probation Service and prisons as well.

“The general feeling is it is really well received. It is a completely voluntary service and there is a large value in that. People are generally really respectful of the volunteers.

“They have got to want to help themselves. A lot of people find probation is useful, and when they come to the end of their order, they don’t have the support any more. We can carry on with the support and they find that really useful.”

For details visit or call 07769 321919 or 07707 270889.