Charity manager condemns “mindless” vandalism to community centre

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The manager of a charity which runs three community centres in Northampton has condemned the repeated “mindless” vandalism of the buildings which is costing hundreds of pounds to repair.

In the past year, the windows of both Standens Barn and Southfields Community Centre have been smashed and, on Friday night, a wooden gate belonging to Rectory Farm Community Centre was badly damaged. All three community centres are run by the charity Community Spaces and the money to pay for the repairs has to come from fund-raising.

Steven Richards, general manager of Community Spaces, said the regular vandalism was particularly disappointing as it was likely to have been carried out by people who lived in the local community.

He said: “The only people the vandals are harming is the community they live among. The vandals probably have had brother or sisters or nieces or nephews who go to the pre-school based at the community centre, which now can’t let the children outside as the gate is not secure.

“I don’t see what joy they can get out of kicking a gate in.”

Mr Richards said he was hoping to get a grant to provide money for some wire mesh to put round the windows of the community centres to protect the glass from being smashed. It is also hoped that money may be secured from the Proceeds of Crime Fund.