Celebrations after Northamptonshire village raises £100k

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A community is celebrating
after raising a total of £107,000 to pay for the
refurbishment of a village church.

Residents of Gayton, near Northampton, started fund-raising in 2004 to get the money together to make a series of renovations to St Mary’s Church.

A group of residents set up Gayton Church Heritage Trust which has led the fund-raising efforts during the past eight years.

Anna Fox, chairman of the trust, said annual events held in the village such as a dog show, barn dance and a jazz concert had raised a total of £58,000.

The trust also received more than £48,000 in grants from organisations including South Northamptonshire Council, Northampton Borough Council, Northamptonshire Heritage Church Trust and Gayton Parish Council.

An interest-free loan from the Peterborough Diocese and a donation from Councillor Joan Kirkbride’s empowering councillor fund also added to the total.

The money has been used to pay for a new porch on the church which contains some toilets and a new counter has been installed to help serve tea and coffee. The electrical wiring, lighting and roof of the church have also been repaired.

Mrs Fox said: “For a small village it has been a great achievement. It was well worth celebrating raising £100,000. We will continue to raise money for the church.”