Cat run over by driver who failed to stop

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A cat owner in Northampton has been left devastated after he watched his pet die in his arms after it was the victim of a hit and run driver.

Peter Marshall, of Randall Road, Kingsley, was in his front garden having a chat with a neighbour when his 17-month old cat, called Susie, decided to cross the road. Susie then settled in a position next to the kerbside.

Mr Marshall, aged 79, said a driver in a silver Astra then came speeding down the road “like it was Silverstone” and ran over the cat.

The car did not stop and Mr Marshall picked up the injured cat which then died in his arms.

Mr Marshall said: “There are no words in the dictionary that can describe how we feel about the person who has done this. We are absolutely devastated.

“The road was completely clear of parked cars and the presence of a cat would have been easily spotted from more than 50 yards away.”

Mr Marshall is appealing for anyone with any information about the driver of the car to come forward.

The cat, which was Mr and Mrs Marshall’s only pet, was hit by the car on Sunday, October 24 at 11am.

Mr Marshall said: “I don’t understand why anyone would deliberately run over a cat.

“We hope we can prick someone’s conscience.”