Cars severely damaged by leaking cement mixer “speeding” in Northampton

Drivers in Northampton have been left with cracks and dents in their cars after a cement mixer leaked wet cement and stones for yards down the road.

The vehicle, allegedly going too fast on the 30mph road at the time, began spitting out the cement onto passing cars as it turned into Harborough Road at The Cock pub at around 3.10pm this afternoon.

Several cars were damaged by the cement

Several cars were damaged by the cement

Witnesses said that at least a dozen cars were affected and dust and stones were left in the middle of the road towards Dallington.

Daphne Mason, of The Avenue in Dallington, was left with chips to her windscreen and scratches in her car bonnet as the cement mixer passed her.

She said: “The mixer was going too fast and sending this stuff all over the place, the driver couldn’t have been looking in his mirrors.

“It left a big crack on the windscreen of a lady’s car who had her windows down and her children in the back seat,

“Somebody else swerved onto the curb and I thought that I was going to skid and that my whole windscreen was going to smash.

“My windscreen and bonnet will both need replacing and it’s very upsetting as we work hard to have cars and look after them.

“The whole mess will cause a big problem through rush hour.”

Mrs Mason added that it seemed that perhaps the mixing machine had been going the wrong way, causing its contents to fly out.

She said: “Whatever happened, the driver was being neglectful in some way.”

Police were called to the scene and have said they will investigate nearby CCTV footage and send a maintenance company to clean up the road.