Caroline Chisholm School students tackle tougher tests to reach best ever results

Caroline Chisholm School celebrated its best ever GCSE results today.
Caroline Chisholm School celebrated its best ever GCSE results today.

“An overwhelming picture of happy faces” is how the head teacher of Caroline Chisholm described the scene this morning as the school celebrated its best ever GCSE results.

Tony Downing said that, with a number of changes made to exams this year such as tougher English and history tests, the school was “nervous” about today’s results.

But he said nerves turned to joy when it turned out that the school has achieved its best ever GCSE results.

“On the Government’s current measures, these are our best ever results with an 18 point rise from last year as 78 per cent of students passed five GCSEs at A* to C including Maths and English,” he said.

“These are great results and our students have gained proper qualifications achieved fairly – no phony exams, no multiple entries, no tricks. Everyone has achieved the grades they need to take their next step in life.”

Mr Downing said about a quarter of students have gained five or more A grades, bucking the national trend which has seen a drop in A and A* grades.

“We expect that approximately 70% of our students will now stay on to study A Levels here at Caroline Chisholm,” he continued.

“This follows successful A - Level results last week and great success in getting students into university.

“Students choosing a college pathway have also been successful and we have worked with the Connexions team today to provide advice for young people taking up apprenticeships.”

“Students and staff worked really hard for these results and it is a real pleasure to see so many happy faces today.

“The pressure is on young people these days as the exams system has become so