Cards reveal patients praise at Northampton General Hospital

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Special care by staff at Northampton General Hospital is being recognised with thank you cards to display on wards.

The ‘Proud to Work at NGH’ cards are sent out to nurses and doctors from chief executive Dr Sonia Swart when she receive compliments from patients.

Dr Swart said: “We are trying to reinforce when we get a compliment in from a patient or their family, so the ward or member of staff get a sort of greetings card from me telling them what has been said.

“I want to make sure they are reminded what a difference they make, that the little kindnesses and special care being noticed.

“Everybody responds far better to praise than shaking a stick. We’re finding it makes all the difference in the world to staff.”

Part of the idea of the cards is that they can be displayed on wards or in staff rooms.

Patients and staff can then see that good care has been recognised.

Latest figures from January show that, across all the inpatient areas, there were 300 positive comments.

And, despite the great pressures faced by accident and emergency departments across the UK at the moment, during January, a traditionally busy month, A&E at Northampton General received 228 compliments.

Hawthorn ward was the in-patient area that garnered the most compliments from patients in NGH’s latest published survey, for January.

A total of 87 patients, or their families, praised the care they received, with 12 negative comments.

Accident and Emergency received 228 compliments and 23 negative comments.

Midwives, including those on labour wards, in the community and the birth centre, received 347 compliments - more than one per day - and 30 negative comments.