Car leaves behind trail of destruction during dramatic police chase through neighbouring gardens in Northampton

Two garden fences were smashed up during the chase
Two garden fences were smashed up during the chase

An eye-witness said it was a “miracle” nobody was hurt after a car travelled down a walkway in Northampton, smashed through two garden fences and narrowly missed knocking down a child.

The car, was being pursued by police in the Billing Brook Road area after it was “acting suspiciously”.

In an effort to evade the police response, the car went off road onto the grass and pavement leading to Water Pump Court and then turned onto the walkway between Water Pump Court and Midfield Court.

During the incident, at about 2pm on Sunday, two wooden fences in Midfield Court were smashed to pieces and one of the vehicles ended up in a garden before turning and driving off. One neighbour claimed she had to pull her child out of the way as they walked near the children’s play park off Billing Brook Road.

Philip Deans, of Midfield Court, said: “I was inside in my back bedroom and suddenly heard sirens.

“I looked out and saw the car coming down the pavement and a 4x4 BMW with blue lights.”

It looked extremely dangerous. That nobody was hurt was a miracle.

Philip Deans

Mr Deans said the vehicles both went out of sight round his row of houses.

He then heard noises of objects being rammed by the first car and rushed to the window on the opposite side of his house, by which time the fences had been destroyed.

He said: “This was a Sunday afternoon in an area where children play all the time.

“It looked extremely dangerous. That nobody was hurt was a miracle.”

The car eventually stopped in Dairy Meadow Court.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “Officers spotted a vehicle acting suspiciously and the vehicle was followed.

“When the vehicle being followed left the road, a police vehicle briefly mounted the pavement to follow it,” 
the spokesman said.

“But when officers realised that continuing to follow the vehicle could become dangerous, they stopped.”

Two boys, one aged 14 and one aged 15, have been arrested and charged with offences under the Theft Act, the spokesman added.