Captured on video: moment furious driver collides with van during road rage incident in Northampton

Footage shows the moment a car darts in front of a van in Northampton causing a minor collision.
Footage shows the moment a car darts in front of a van in Northampton causing a minor collision.

A dashboard-mounted camera has captured the moment a disgruntled driver risked a serious crash by darting in front of a van that had just overtaken him in Northampton.

The footage released by dashcam firm SmartWitness captured the moment two drivers almost came to blows following an incident in Nunn Mills Road in May this year.

It shows a van driver overtaking a grey Vauxhall Vectra, cutting him up as the two vehicles drive up the hill at 30mph, close to Northampton town centre.

But the manoeuvre enrages the Vectra driver, who accelerates and drives across the front of the van, causing a small collision.

The road rage driver then dashes from his vehicle and approaches the van driver, banging on the door of his van so hard the whole vehicle can be seen shaking in the video.

The incident was captured on the dashcam camera on May 19 and has been released by SmartWitness after new figures revealed a sharp rise in road rage incidents.

SmartWitness CEO, Paul Singh said: "This new footage shows how a camera can be a fleet van driver's greatest friend following a road rage incident.

"It is amazing what a calming effect a running camera can have on a road rage driver intent on revenge.

"In this incident, the Vectra driver is alerted to the camera by a female passenger and he calms down after he had previously tried to break into the van's cab.

"Clearly the van should not have overtaken the Vectra and cut him up on such a busy town centre road.

"But that still does not excuse the violent reaction from the Vectra driver.

"Thankfully, nothing more came of this incident but it does show the value of having a dashcam."

The RAC says 2.9 million drivers in the UK now have dashcams - one of the highest figures in the world.

They are used by more than 50% of British fleets, but are increasingly being fitted by private motorists.