Can you give a 25-piece Northampton brass band a home for Christmas?

The Moulton 77 Brass Band is looking for a new home.
The Moulton 77 Brass Band is looking for a new home.

A Northampton brass band is with over 40 years of history is searching for a new home in time for Christmas.

The Moulton 77 Brass Band has been a regular at village festivals and the annual Band In the Park event in Abington.

But now the 25-piece accompaniment are asking for help to find a new home where they can meet and practise ahead of their concerts this Christmas season.

Chairperson Rachael Stonehamsaid: "I'm a little bit upset it's come to this, but the response we've had has been very sympathetic and people are sad to hear we're looking for a home.

"This is the next chapter of Moulton 77's story. Things will turn around for us."

For the past six years, the band have been meeting at Moulton Club in the village's High Street - but this arrangement has now come to an end.

Now, Moulton 77 is pressed to find a new place to meet.

Rachael said: "The ideal home would be as close as possible to Moulton so we can stay close to our routes. We need space for a 25-player formation plus percussion, and lots of storage to put away our instruments.

"Of course, it would also need to be somewhere wouldn't mind a bit of hopefully-tuneful noise.

"I've been speaking to churches and parish councils but we would be eternally grateful if someone can find us a home.

"We haven't got a great deal of income which is why hiring somewhere isn't a possibility."

To contact Moulton 77, message the band on their Facebook page or email

Moulton 77 was reformed in 1977 and has been rehearsing in the village for over 40 years.