Campaigners in Northampton hoping for answers about overloaded roads and schools... eight months after asking the questions

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Campaigners will find out tomorrow whether they will get answers from councillors on plans to build 26,000 new homes in and around Northampton following an eight-month wait.

Whitehills and Spring Park Residents’ Association (WASPRA) have been trying to discover ever since they posed questions at a public meeting in December how plans for several new estates will affect them, including the potential overload of roads and schools.

In total. five residents asked questions - which did not appear in the minutes - but were told by planners from the Joint planning Unit (JPU) to wait until the next meeting in March for answers.

However that was cancelled due to “insufficient business”, despite the campaigners’ eagerness to question councillors.

A meeting is now scheduled for Thursday at 6pm at the Guildhall, at which members of WASPRA and others will attempt to ask for specifics about the planned North West Bypass.

The residents had asked:

-how changes to the housing plans - approved by the independent Planning Inspector last year - will affect them

-why no promised steps are being taken to encourage motorists to stop using their cars and

- who is in charge of planning for the promised new North West Bypass.