Calls for action over ‘dangerous’ derelict building in Northampton

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Calls for an eyesore building in Northampton to be improved have been made by residents concerned over safety and hygiene.

Councillor for Kingsley, Cathrine Russell, has been contacted by exasperated Kingsley residents about a long standing dangerous and derelict building.

The land, owned by a private developer who started to develop the site, later abandoned the project about 18 months ago.

The only part completed two-storey building, which is open to the elements, is at the junction between Wallace Road and Fairfield Roads.

The fact it is near Kingsley Primary School is even more concerning, says Councillor Russell.

“The building has become an eyesore and is attracting rubbish and refuse, proving to be a magnet for fly tipping from people outside the area,” she said.

Seh added: “I understand a few years ago a private developer bought and began to build on an empty plot at the junction of Wallace and Fairfield Roads.

“However it appears that the builder concerned, has simply abandoned the development and left behind an area which has been partly built and littered with rubble and rubbish strewn around. This had encouraged others to fly tip and use the plot as a community rubbish dump.

“Not only is this site a serious health and safety issue and unsightly, in my opinion, poses an equally serious environmental issue with rats and other vermin. There is always a possibility of someone being injured if children are able to access the area; the repercussions of personal injury could be extremely serious.

“The problem is that it is private land and the owner was using a private company to oversee the building works. Such is my concern that I have approached Health and Safety Executive which tells me, unfortunately, the Executive is unable to do anything as there is no heavy plant or equipment on the site.”