Calls for developer to put land up for adoption and tidy up Northampton street

A fly-tipped bed, barbecue, empty plastic bottles and a bike is just some of the rubbish a Northampton mum-of-four has strewn across land behind her home in Northampton.

Wednesday, 4th July 2018, 4:33 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:09 pm
Claire is fed up trying to chase the housing developer for answers and wants help trying to maintain land surrounding her property. Pictures by Kirsty Edmonds.

Claire Bridges, of Braunston Road, Tunnel Hill Farm, moved into her property in November 2013 to be nearer to her mum and sister after moving from Essex to Northampton.

After moving into her idyllic property, Claire has since discovered a number of problems, and is calling on land owner Barry Howard Homes to maintain the area or give the land up to Northamptonshire County Council for permanent adoption.

She said: "I loved my home when I moved in but the lack of maintenance and rubbish everywhere is depressing.

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Pictures by Kirsty Edmonds.

"It makes me sad to see such a lovely area going to ruins.

“The lack of communication from Mr Howard is extremely stressful."

Claire wants help cutting back overgrown trees, which have snapped and fell into her garden, as well as shifting fly-tipped mattresses, among other things, which have been strewn across an alleyway behind back garden.

The marquee administrator also calls on the housing developer to take responsibility and start gritting the roads in the winter as she has failed to leave her drive, on numerous occasions, due to icy conditions.

Drains in the road have become blocked over time residents say.

Barry Howard said: "Barry Howard Homes has been working with the local authorities, including Northamptonshire County Council, and there is definitely traction on the adoption opportunity for Braunston Close.

"This development was built over 15 years ago and we have not received any complaints of this nature before.

"Barry Howard Homes has recently fixed street lighting in the area and will endeavour to send out a contractor to investigate the fly-tipping incident in the next few days."

Another resident said all six drains in the road need unblocking, after, he claims, they were of no use during the recent flash floods.

Resident Stephen Belcher added: "The road has not been adopted as the developer has not completed all required process with regards the sewers.

"The top section of Blisworth Close has been adopted - that's where the housing association is. If you go there today it's mowed, nicely kept, you will the see the difference in the [length of] grass."

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “There is no agreement in place for the adoption of Braunston Close and the end part of Blisworth Close.

“As such the roads remain private and the responsibility of the land owner of the road and footways concerned.

“Before a road can be adopted both the county council and the developers need to sign a section 38 agreement, this deals with land dedication necessary in order to adopt a road.

“Before a road can be adopted a road must be brought up to standard, serve a maintenance period which lasts at least 12 months, and have the sewers adopted by the water authority

“The onus is on the developer to bring the roads up to standard. If not the county council will be inheriting a sub-standard network with taxpayers’ money used to pay for the work.”

As the land is private - a spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council confirmed - Barry Howard Homes is responsible for clearing fly-tipping.