Cabinet member clashes with residents over claims of inaction during Northampton flash flooding

Brandon Eldred has been accused of losing his temper at a cabinet meeting - but he says he was misinterpreted.
Brandon Eldred has been accused of losing his temper at a cabinet meeting - but he says he was misinterpreted.

A Northampton mum who was hit by last week's flash flooding has criticised a cabinet member after a fiery exchange at a borough council meeting.

Jennie Boyce spoke at a full cabinet meeting on Monday (June 4) to criticise Tory councillors for not taking action or having a plan when over 100 properties were hit by floods.

She ended by calling the local authority "a disgrace" - and claims she was met by cabinet member for finance Brandon Eldred hitting back with "no, you're a disgrace".

Councillor Eldred later said that he, in fact, said "that's a disgrace".

Jennie, whose house in Stevenson Road was flooded, speaking after the meeting: "He just kept shouting at me. I wanted them to know we hadn't seen any councillors or had any help but he made it all about him.

"He seemed to just lose his temper and went on about how he was out every day and I was wrong. Well, we never saw him. All their efforts were concentrated on St Leonards Road.

"He just made it all about himself. It was shocking."

Jennie, who says she hasn't been able to cook in her house since the storm, rose to speak for an emergency motion asking for the council to consult on an emergency plan in the event of future flooding, which was put forward by independent councillor Julie Davenport.

Councillor Eldred told the Chron that his words had been misheard: "I actually said 'that's a disgrace'.

"That whole motion and the people who spoke were orchestrated by Julie Davenport. It was a circus. I don't think bringing people in to slag off the council is the best way of doing things.

"I lost my home in the Easter Floods. I was out all day and night after last week's floods. We've handed out information to 830 people. Five families are in temporary accommodation because their houses are unlivable. The borough council has done everything it can following the floods."

Councillor Davenport said she had "no part" in what the residents had to say.