Bus shelter extensions get underway in The Drapery, Northampton

Works begin on extensions to bus shelters in the Drapery
Works begin on extensions to bus shelters in the Drapery
  • More than 60 people who use the bus shelters have said they don’t agree with the work to extend them
  • Shop owner says businesses were not consulted about the work before it took place
  • She believes that even with the extensions, bus users are likely to continue waiting on the pavement and cause congestion

A Northampton shop-owner conducted a survey which has revealed negative responses towards the extension of bus shelters in the town centre, which began today.

Carol Faulkner, who opened Northampton Health Store, in the Drapery in the town centre, last November, said the work had caused “chaos” along the street all morning and the whole project was a “waste of money.”

If people don’t want to use it then it’s just a waste of public money

Carol Faulkner, owner of Northampton Health Store

She said: “I have conducted a survey asking people waiting for buses outside the shop for their thoughts on the extended bus shelters, after we were recently informed by Northampton Borough Council that it was going to happen.

“They have all said that it’s a bad idea because they are still unlikely to use the bus stop and are more likely, instead, to continue standing outside the shops, blocking windows and doors.”

The works today are part of a project to extend all six bus shelters on the street and add a new one.

More than 60 people who commented on Miss Faulkner’s survey said they tend not to wait in the designated bus stops because they are uncomfortable and sometimes wet.

Miss Faulkner said: “There has been a lack of communication by the council.

“They need to properly inform the public that this extension is for them to use, to give them more space so they don’t cause congestion on the pavement. It stops deliveries and cleaners from being able to get down the street, and that’s what we pay our business taxes for.”

“If people don’t want to use the shelters then it’s just a waste of public money.

“I have also complained about the fact businesses were not properly consulted before the decision was made and we will have to put up with a lot of noise and congestion, on top of the noise from the demolished Greyfriars site, until the work is finished.”

A Northampton Borough Council spokesman said: “People have told us that they would like more cover as they wait for buses and we have listened to that feedback. The work will be completed over the next two weeks.

“The vehicles dropping off materials are moving on quickly so that they don’t hold up traffic and that is being monitored.

“We have written to all the businesses in the Drapery to keep them updated about the work and visited those who responded asking for further information.”