Bus firm to change 24 routes and axe three serving Northampton as part of major shakeup

The biggest bus operator in Northampton is to rip up its old timetable in the new year as part of a drastic service shakeup.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 4:04 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 5:11 pm
Stagecoach is to go live with a drastically different timetable in January.

Stagecoach will implement the changes from January 5, it says, after carrying out a major review of its network in September.

"Over this period detailed analysis has taken place to review passenger numbers on each route and ways of tackling services which are not commercially viable," a statement from the company reads.

The result of the review means that 24 routes serving Northampton will be amended in some way - though it is understood new operators have already put bids in to run some of the axed services.

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Three services have been withdrawn completely but three new services have also been added.

To see if your bus has been affected by the changes, see our list below.

Service: 1

Current route: Rectory Farm - Weston Favell - Northampton Town Centre - Northampton Hospital - Brackmills - Grange Park

Future route: Rectory Farm - Weston Favell - Northampton Town Centre

Stagecoach says: Route 1 will only run between Rectory Farm and Northampton Town Centre.

The service between Northampton Town Centre and Brackmills / Grange Park will be covered by a revised service 12 / 12A see below

Service: 2

Current route: Camp Hill - Briar Hill - Northampton Town Centre - Kettering Road - Blackthorn

Future route: Northampton Town Centre - Kettering Road - Blackthorn

Stagecoach says: Service 2 will only run between Blackthorn and Northampton Town Centre. Buses will run up to every 15 minutes Monday to Friday.

The new Service 3 will run between Camp Hill and Northampton Town Centre - see below

Existing Service: 3

Current route: Harlestone Manor - Rye Hill - Northampton Town Centre - Piddington

Future route: Service withdrawn

Stagecoach says: Harlestone Manor to Northampton Town Centre section is covered by hourly service 96.

Northampton Town Centre to Wootton section is covered by a diversion of service 7.

Wootton to Wootton Fields section is covered by new route 12 / 12A.

The afternoon school day journey from Northampton School For Boys to Northampton Town Centre is covered by service 5.

NEW Service: 3

Route: Northampton Town Centre - Briar Hill - Camp Hill - Shelfleys - Mereway Tesco

Stagecoach says: New Service 3 replaces the Northampton Town Centre to Camp Hill section of service 2 and part of the Tesco to Shelfleys section of service 10 / X10.

The new 3 service runs up to every 15 minutes from Northampton to Camp Hill via the current route 2 with buses extending half hourly to Mereway Tesco via Ladybridge Drive and Shelfleys.

NEW Service: 4

Route: Northampton Town Centre - Kingsthorpe - Sunnyside / Holly Lodge Drive

Stagecoach says: Service 4 replaces the Northampton Town Centre to Sunnyside / Holly Lodge Drive section of service 16 which will now only run between Ecton Brook and North Gate.

Buses run every 15 minutes.

Service: 7

Current route: Moulton Park - Northampton College - Northampton Town Centre - Wootton - Grange Park

Future route: On Mondays to Saturdays the route between Queen Eleanor and Wootton is revised to run via Newport Pagnell Road, Waitrose, Wootton Hermitage Way and Wootton High Street rather than Hardingstone, replacing part of service 3.

Stagecoach says: The new service X6 is routed via Hardingstone to cover the revised service 7.

No change to the Sunday operation which continues to serve Hardingstone

Service: 8

Current route: Rectory Farm - Weston Favell - Northampton College - Broadway - Northampton Town Centre - St James - Kings Heath

Future route: Town Centre - St James - Kings Heath

Stagecoach says: Route 8 will only run between Northampton Town Centre and Kings Heath with the frequency increased to every 15 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays (replacing part of service 12).

Service will no longer run between Northampton Town Centre and Rectory Farm X10 will run via Northampton College and Broadway to cover this section of route. However, passengers

currently boarding along Broadway can also catch route 16 along Birchfield Road up to every 10 minutes.

Service: 10

Current route: West Hunsbury - Shelfleys - Tesco - Gloucester Avenue - Northampton Town Centre - Parklands - Moulton - Kettering

Stagecoach says: Route 10 will only run at peak times with school journeys serving Bishops Stopford and Southfield Schools in Kettering.

Route X10 will provide a part replacement between Moulton and Northampton Town Centre.

NEW route X6 will run between Parklands - Kettering Road - Northampton Town Centre - please see below.

NEW route 3 will run between Mereway Tesco - Shelfleys / West Hunsbury - please see below.

Route 88 will serve Gloucester Avenue between London Road and Mereway Tesco.

Service: X10

Route: Kettering - Broughton - Moulton - Parklands - Northampton Town Centre - Gloucester Avenue -

West Hunsbury

Stagecoach says: Route X10 will run hourly between Kettering and Northampton via Broughton, Moulton, Northampton College, Broadway East and Kettering Road.

NEW route X6 will run between Parklands - Kettering Road - Northampton Town Centre - please see below.

NEW route 3 will run between Mereway Tesco - Shelfleys / West Hunsbury - please see below.

Route 88 will serve Gloucester Avenue between London Road and Mereway Tesco.

Service: 12 / 12A

Current route: Kings Heath - St James - Northampton Town Centre - East Hunsbury

Future route: Northampton Town Centre - Mereway Tesco - Butts Road - Wootton - Brackmills - Bedford Road - Northampton Hospital - Northampton Town Centre

Stagecoach says: The Kings Heath to Town Centre section is withdrawn and replaced by an increase in frequency on service 8.

Buses on service 12 will run from North Gate via St James Retail Park, Towcester Road, Mereway Tesco then the existing service 12 route to Butts Road where buses will turn left as if heading towards Granary Road but will continue along the whole of Butts Road turning left at the mini roundabout and towards the A45 via Rowtree Road. The Granary Road loop and existing section of Rowtree Road between its junctions with Butts Road will not be served.

Buses will then continue over the A45 using Wooldale Road and continue on to Brackmills via Berry Lane, Quinton Road, Curtlee Hill, Wootton Hope Drive, Lady Hollows Drive, Newport Pagnell Road, Landimore Road, Gowerton Road, and on to Brackmills Pavilion Drive.

Between Pavilion Drive and Northampton Town Centre buses will run via Kilvey Road, Bedford Road, Northampton Hospital (A&E), Cliftonville, Billing Road and York Road and Lower Mounts.

Service 12A will run as the service 12 route but in a clockwise direction.

On a Sunday the service will run every 30 minutes between Northampton Town Centre and East Hunsbury only.

Service: 15 / 15A

Route: Moulton Park - Acre Lane - Kingsthorpe - Northampton Town Centre - Upton - St Crispins / St Giles

Stagecoach says: Following discussions with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust early morning journeys towards St Crispins and afternoon journeys from St Crispins revised to run via Edgar Mobbs Way rather than Weedon Road on Mondays to Fridays.

Service 16:

Current route: Holly Lodge Drive / Sunnyside - Kingsthorpe - Northampton Town Centre - Weston Favell - Ecton Brook

Future route: Northampton Town Centre - Weston Favell - Ecton Brook.

Stagecoach says: Route 16 will only run between Ecton Brook and Northampton Town Centre.

The Monday to Friday frequency is increased to every 10 minutes to provide a partial replacement for service 8. Buses will run every 15 minutes on a Saturday.

The Northampton Town Centre to Kingsthorpe / Sunnyside section will be covered by the new service 4 (see above).

Service: 50 (55)

Route: Northampton – Pineham / Swan Valley

Stagecoach says: Route 50 renumbered 55.

Additional journeys introduced on Mondays to Saturdays replacing those currently provided on service 88.

Service: 51

Route: Weston Favell / Overstone - Northampton Town Centre - Brackmills

Stagecoach says: The 2207 from Brackmills rerouted to run via Kilvey Road, Liliputt Road and Bedford Road for the benefit of workers at Clipper

Service: 58

Route: Northampton - Kettering Road - Moulton Park

Stagecoach says: Additional journey introduced from Moulton Park to Northampton at 1635.

The 1705 departure from Moulton Park to Northampton covered by a diversion of service 10 / X10

Service: 80

Route: Akeley - Buckingham - Gawcott - Brackley

Stagecoach says: Morning journey from Akeley retimed to depart at 0727

Service: 82

Route: Moulton - Weston Favell - Grange Park - Stoke Bruerne - UTC Silverstone

Stagecoach says: The 0740 from Moulton revised to depart 0735 and run 5 minutes earlier throughout.

The 1705 from UTC Silverstone revised to depart at1710 and run 5 minutes later throughout.

Service: 84

Route: West Haddon - Crick - Daventry - Weedon - Greens Norton - UTC Silverstone

Stagecoach says: Service withdrawn

Service: 88

Current route: Northampton - Swan Valley - Towcester - Silverstone - Brackley

Future route: Service rerouted to run via Delapre Park Gates and Gloucester Avenue between Northampton Town Centre and Mereway Tesco - replacing part of service 10 / X10.

All journeys will run via Milton Malsor and Blisworth replacing service 89 / X89, which is withdrawn. Revised service 55 covers the Northampton - Swan Valley section.

In Towcester, buses will run via Wood Burcote Park, Towcester Health Centre and Springfields to Silverstone.

Service withdrawn between Silverstone and Brackley.

Half-hourly service provided between Wood Burcote and Silverstone with service X91 (Brackley - Milton Keynes).

Journeys to and from UTC Silverstone will be retimed to depart The Drapery at 0743 and will also replace the 0732 service X89 from Northampton to Milton Keynes.

The 0754 Towcester to Northampton journey is revised to start from Potterspury at 0735 for the benefit of students travelling to Sponne School.

The return journey is provided on the 1502 departure from Northampton.

Connections are available at Wood Burcote from service X91 for customers wishing to travel to and from Silverstone at these school times.

Service: 89 / X89

Current Route: Northampton - Blisworth - Towcester - Potterspury - Deanshanger - Milton Keynes

Future route: Service withdrawn.

Service 88 covers the Towcester to Northampton section and service X91 runs via Towcester and Milton Keynes via Potterspury.

Service: 96

Route: Rugby - Hillmorton - DIRFT - West Haddon - Long Buckby - Northampton

Stagecoach says: Service 96 will become an hourly Rugby to Northampton only service buses will no longer run to Long Buckby Rail Station Forecourt

Service: D3

Route: Northampton - Kislingbury - Weedon - Daventry - Grange Estate

Stagecoach says: The 0645 Daventry - Grange Estate circular and 0644 Nether Heyford to Northampton journeys are withdrawn.

The 0701 from Lower Weedon to Northampton retimed to depart at 0656 and operate up to 5 minutes earlier throughout.

An additional journey introduced from Daventry at 2358 on Mondays to Saturdays to replace the 2337 service D1 from Daventry to Northampton

NEW Service: X6

Route: Parklands – Kettering Road - Northampton – Grange Park – Roade – Milton Keynes

Stagecoach says: New Service X6 will run hourly on Monday to Saturday between Parklands and Milton Keynes partly replacing service 10 / X10 between Parklands and Northampton Town Centre and service 7 through Hardingstone.

From Hardingstone buses will run via Water Lane, Wootton High Street, Berry Lane and Grange Park Saxon Avenue before continuing to Milton Keynes via Roade and the A5.

The X6 and X7 combine to provide two buses an hour between Northampton, Grange Park and Milton Keynes.

Service: X7

Route: Milton Keynes - Roade - Northampton - Brixworth - Market Harborough - Kibworth - Leicester

Stagecoach says: On Mondays to Saturdays service X7 will run hourly between Leicester - Market Harborough - Brixworth - Northampton - Milton Keynes.

Additional journeys will run between Leicester and Market Harborough and between Brixworth and Northampton to provide two buses an hour on these sections of route during

most of the day.

The X6 and X7 combine to provide two buses an hour between Northampton, Grange Park and Milton Keynes.

On a Sunday, the current hourly service X7 will continue to run as now

Service: X44

Route: Wellingborough - Brackmills

Stagecoach says: Morning journeys retimed to operate 10 minutes earlier throughout to provide better arrival times in Brackmills

Service: X46 / X47

Route: Northampton - Weston Favell - Earls Barton - Wellingborough - Rushden Lakes - Rushden - Raunds

Stagecoach says: Later journey provided between Wellingborough - Rushden Lakes - Higham Ferrers

Service: X91

Route: Milton Keynes - Towcester - Silverstone - Brackley

Stagecoach says: Timetable altered to provide hourly Brackley – Silverstone – Towcester Estates – Milton Keynes service.

A half-hourly service is provided between Wood Burcote, Towcester and Silverstone. Service 88 between Towcester and Milton Keynes buses will be diverted to serve Potterspury as part replacement of withdrawn service 89 / X89