Burglary and car crime targeted in Kingsley and Eastfield

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Police are set to crack down on house burglaries and vehicle crime in the Kingsley and Eastfield areas of Northampton.

The mobile police station will be in Kingsley Park Terrace tomorrow and Broadmead Avenue on Wednesday, between 9am and 5pm on both days, as part of Operation Guardian.

Officers from the Northampton North Safer Community Team will be offering prevention advice around burglary, car key burglaries and vehicle crime.

Sergeant Richard Bailey said: “Crime overall is currently down by seven per cent in Eastfield, compared to the same period last year. Of particular note is an 84 per cent reduction in robberies. However, we have received 29 more reports of people’s homes being burgled and 27 more reports of thefts from vehicles.

“In Kingsley, overall crime is currently down by two per cent, and burglary of people’s homes is down by 16 per cent. However, we have received seven more reports of items being stolen from vehicles and 10 more thefts of vehicles have occurred since April 2012 compared to the same period the year before.

“Some of these crimes could have been prevented. Thieves are more likely to target a house that clearly has valuables on show and appears to look empty, or a vehicle that displays items that can be easily removed.

“We invite residents and motorists to come and meet their local officers and help us to make life harder for thieves.”