Burglar ordered to pay £15,000 compensation to victims after “ransacking” their home

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A burglar has been ordered to pay nearly £15,000 compensation to a couple after he “ransacked” their Northampton home and stole their wedding jewellery.

John Connors raided the couple’s home in Hinton Road, Sunnyside on September 8 last year, stealing a significant quantity of Asian gold, ceremonial cloths and items of sentimental value.

Connors, aged 34, was jailed for three years at Northampton Crown Court in April.

And following a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at a later date, the victims have been paid £14,988 compensation from his ill-gotten gains.

Connors was arrested by Leicestershire Police five days after the burglary, and officers seized £18,850 in cash from his Leicester home.

The compensation will be paid to them out of this money.

The victims of the burglary, who did not wish to be identified, said: “We are thankful to the police who have solved our burglary. The burglars ransacked the entire house and caused us not only financial loss, but also a big emotional jolt.

“The cruel burglars took away our entire wedding jewellery, including our wedding ring. They also took our valuable ceremonial cloths and other items of sentimental value.

“We understand that this has been a specialised investigation and we were desperate in the initial stages for news. We are grateful to the officers who have arrested those responsible and kept in touch with us and have now been able to compensate us.”

Sergeant John Wooding, from the financial investigation unit, said: “This is an excellent result for the victim of this crime. Although we can’t replace the gold stolen, at least now we can get back some of the money that would have been made by Connors from stealing the jewellery.

“As financial investigators, our main aim is to always apply to the court for compensation using the powerful law of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

“Following a successful conviction we will seek to identify assets and let the courts recover them through POCA. Those who commit crime, will not only get sentenced but also lose their assets.”