Burglar alarm enquiries in Northampton could be a scam warn police

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People in Northampton are being warned of a possible scam after a woman in a blank hi-visibility vest made door-to-door enquiries to ask how well secured a set of homes were.

The woman was seen in the Bush Hill area of Headlands at around 5pm on Tuesday, December 22.

A police spokesman said the individual was going from door-to-door around a set of elderly people’s bungalows purporting to be carrying out a survey for a security company and asking people whether they had a burglar alarm fitted.

The woman carried no lanyard, did not have identification on her and did not appear to be selling anything.

A Chron reader, whose mother-in-law was approached on the doorstep by the suspicious woman, said: “My mother-in-law had a knock on her front door from someone purporting to be from a security company.

“She did not catch the name and was shown no ID.

“They asked all manner of questions, such as whether she had a house alarm fitted, was it in good working order? And what other security features did she have?

Police have warned people to be vigilant in the coming days and report any suspicious activity via the 101 number.