Brothers to receive fire service awards for bravery shown after blaze in their Northampton home

Two boys are set to receive Chief Fire Officer awards for the courage and bravery they showed after they became trapped in a burning house in Northampton.

Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:09 pm
James Scott, aged 15, with his brother Liam, aged 11

James Scott, aged 15, and his brother 11-year-old Liam managed to keep calm after a fire started in their home in Briar Hill, Northampton, in November 2015.

Watch Manager Helen Wilson, a Fire Control Room operative who stayed on the phone to support the two young boys while they awaited rescue is also due to be recognised during an awards ceremony this week.

Helen, who has worked with the Fire Service for 28 years, will be awarded the Chief Fire Officer’s Commendation at the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service Awards evening, which is due to take place on Friday at Kettering Conference Centre.

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She said: “I was surprised to hear about my award as I think it was a team effort. When I was on the phone to the boys I just tried to reassure them as much as possible, to make sure they were going to be alright.

“The boys were marvellous, they did ever so well. If they had been panicking, the whole situation would have been much more difficult to deal with. It feels like forever when you are on the phone in a situation like that, but in reality it was only about six minutes. You are always aware that you are only going on what that person has told you on the phone and you can never be quite sure what is happening.”

The awards list will also see Queen’s 20 Year Long Service Medals awarded to Fire Service staff including: Group Manager Barry Mullan, Firefighter Dale Betts, Firefighter Deborah Ashmore, Firefighter David Goode, Crew Manager Gary Robinson, Group Manager Jim Dorrill, Crew Manager Martin Bramwell, Firefighter Michael Manley, Firefighter Paul Sinclair, Area Manager Robin Porter, Watch Manager Rob Steward and Watch Manager Tony Evans.

Chief Fire Officer Darren Dovey said: “My congratulations go to everyone who will be receiving an award. All of those being presented with 20 Year Long Service awards have demonstrated significant hard work and commitment to their roles in the Fire Service and it is with great pleasure that we recognise their contribution at this week’s ceremony.

“The amazing courage shown by Liam and James Scott, and the professionalism shown by Helen, who helped keep them calm on the phone in such a frightening situation, deserves to be recognised and I’m delighted they will be receiving these awards.”

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