Britain’s Got Talent couple from Northampton ‘knew they wouldn’t win’

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A Northampton couple are enjoying overnight success after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent.

Kieran Sutcliffe and Sarah James from East Hunsbury got to the semi finals of the ITV talent competition before being voted off by the public following a rousing performance of Barcelona.

The singers were popular among the judges for their bubbly personality with Simon saying he could see them ‘performing on an ocean liner’.

Since appearing on show the couple have been inundated with bookings across Europe.

Speaking to the Chron this week Sarah, 28, said: “It’s still really busy now. We’re all over the place.

“We’re back in Northampton now but we’re flying out to Tenerife soon to do some gigs.

“We’re flying back and forth to different places. It’s exciting.”

The couple used to perform as solo artists as well as working part time, with Sarah at Selfridges in Birmingham and Kieran working as Father Christmas at Legoland during the festive season.

They are now hoping to build on their singing career as a duo.

Sarah, who has lived in Northampton since she was five years old, said: “People are giving us a chance now so we’re hoping to do this full time.

“The support has been great.”

Having already unsuccessfully applied to the X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent, Kieran was sceptical about giving it another shot.

Sarah said: “We’ve never been offered a stage audition before. Kieran really didn’t want to go on the show this year.

“On the day of the audition the weather was really bad and we arrived six hours late which wasn’t good.

“We had a laid back approach this year and had more fun with it. You’ve got to be different.

“We didn’t go on it thinking we were going to win or anything - we’re not stupid.”

Sarah said they didn’t meet the judges but they ‘smiled a lot more’ off camera.

She added: “We met Ant and Dec and they were lovely and really supportive. Everyone was lovely.”

Sarah said they had hoped that their performance would impress the judges more than it did but they still enjoyed the experience.

She said: “We like to put on a good show. Everything about us is big.”

In one of the many memorable moments on the show, Simon Cowell suggested that Kieran - who turns 27 tomorrow (Thursday) - should propose to his girlfriend.

Sarah said: “I know he’s my soulmate and that we will get married but I want to be engaged when we’ve settled down and got some money.”

Sarah said the couple were impressed with the competition winners Collabro from the moment they saw them.

She said: “Britain’s Got Talent gives you a taste of your dream. Collabro are great. When we saw them on the first audition we knew they were the ones to watch.”