Briar Hill neighbours say they feel forgotten about in the wake of Northampton floods

A row of neighbours in Briar Hill have said they feel as though more could be done to help them as Northampton's attention has turned to Far Cotton.

Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 2:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:27 am
Residents from three neighbouring homes in Briar Hill have said more could be done to help them.

Jade Jones, 31, of Rainsbrough Crescent in Briar Hill, is feeling frustrated after putting in eight calls to Northampton Borough Council to plea for help after her home was swamped with murky water.

But Jade, who has lived in her house for 11 years and has no house insurance, was seen by Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) on Tuesday.

She said:“The street outside is still covered in what came out of the drains as it still has not been cleaned up. It’s very scary as we are now on another weather warning."

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The neighbours homes were flooded on Sunday night and many of their possessions have now been ruined.

Jade's children Troy, six, and Eli, four, were playing on the green on Sunday night with their neighbours before they were getting ready to have a bonfire.

She said: "My nephew cut some wood down and then it started raining. Between 15-17 minutes we had water up to the knees.

"I managed to get the dogs and the children upstairs. It started seeping in through this wall and then it was bubbling through the floor - it all happened so quick.

"I bought my cooker two months ago and now it doesn't work. Everything downstairs has more or less been lost. We are going to plod along now and get it sorted. I have children, they are my priority.

Jade Digby's bedroom has been left looking filthy.

Jade's next-door neighbour Monika Stones lives next door with her husband and seven-year-old daughter. They have just finished decorating their property after they moved in two years ago from a nearby flat.

The family had put in a new decking and were growing their own strawberries in the garden before it was saturated with water on Sunday night. Monika is frustrated that Far Cotton residents' are getting all of the help and she feels like Briar Hill has been forgotten about.

She said: "We have heard nothing from anyone, all you see and hear is about Far Cotton. Nobody has been up to us to see if we need any help."

Mum and daughter, Carol and Jade Digby have been told by insurers not to touch anything before the firm pays a visit on Thursday to assess the damage. But they have now been infested by ants.

Mattresses and cabinets were slung out yesterday at the end of the row of houses.

Jade said: "The water came through the walls, through the doors and floors but no one has done nothing. I have lost all my retro gaming - it has taken years to build that up.

"It's emotional. I think all of the estate has drainage problems. There's always a short-term fix, there's never anything long-term. You can tell them until you're blue in the face."

Jade's partner Zoe Coles stays with her. She added: "I have lost all of my clothes. I had to go out and buy all new work clothes and all new underwear."

A Northampton Partnership Homes spokesman said: “Our emergency teams have been visiting residents and homes affected by flooding across the weekend.

"Housing officers are currently out seeing residents in Briar Hill to offer further support and information.

"Our emergency team went to see the residents on Tuesday as soon as we were made aware. We have been to visit again today (Wednesday) to check the condition of their homes and offer further support.

"We advise all NPH residents affected by the flooding to let us know on 0300 330 7003 so we can visit your home and offer more information”.