'Brexit deal delivers' says Northampton MP as he joins colleagues in late pitch for support

Micheal Ellis has joined 30 MPs across the UK in attempting to drum up support for the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.
Micheal Ellis has joined 30 MPs across the UK in attempting to drum up support for the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

Northampton North MP Michael Ellis says he is confident Theresa May's Brexit deal will get through Parliament next week as he joined the Prime Minister in drumming up support for the plans.

The House of Commons will vote on the crucial 585-page deal on December 12, which Theresa May says delivers on the result of the referendum by tackling border control while maintaining a close relationship with our European neighbours.

Today, 30 MPs, including the chancellor Philip Hammond, are set to 'visit all corners of the UK' in a final push for approval.

Among them is Northampton North MP Michael Ellis, who is also Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism.

Speaking to the Chronicle and Echo today, he said he believes the vote will make it through in a week's time - though hard Tory Brexiteers have stated their intention to go against it and support from the 10 DUP MPs is unlikely.

He said: "We need to recognise this is a good deal. It delivers an end to the freedom of movement, it delivers an end to the European court rulings and it delivers an end to sending billions over to Brussels each year.

"It is up to people like me to sell what is on the table. We are here to explain that it does deliver."

However, Mr Ellis's work is cut out in Northampton it seems, though he says voting against it could well result in Britain leaving the EU in March with no deal whatsoever.

His counterpart in Northampton South, Andrew Lewer MP, is among the rebel Tories set to vote against the Brexit deal next week.

And a Chron poll held last week, which asked around 2,000 readers whether they would vote in favour of Theresa May's deal, saw 60 per cent vote 'no'.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: “We have delivered a deal that honours the vote of the British people.

“I’ve been speaking to factory workers in Scotland, farmers in Wales and people right across the country, answering their questions about the deal and our future. Overwhelmingly, the message I’ve heard is that people want us to get on with it. And that’s why it’s important that ministers are out speaking with communities across the UK today about how the deal works for them.”

"This deal delivers on crucial issues like protecting jobs in the community, ensuring streets across the UK remain safe, making sure that local businesses can continue to access skilled workers, establishing fairer fishing and farming policies that work for our rural and coastal communities, and investing more in our the vital public services, such as the NHS.