Brewing kit delivered to Phipps site in Northampton

Phipps Brewery
Phipps Brewery

The vessels and pipes needed to brew beer have been installed in the new £1 million Phipps brewery in Northampton.

For the past 18 months, Alaric Neville has been leading a project to re-open the Phipps brewery, which left the town in 1974, in Kingswell Street in the town centre.

Mr Neville said the first pint of the new Phipps beer was likely to be brewed in the next week and would be on sale from the second week in March.

He said: “It has been 18 months of hard work but it has always been my intention to bring back the Phipps brewery to Northampton.

“The professional partners we have sourced to bring the Phipps Albion Brewery back to life have been a godsend. Led by Sawford Bullard and Franklins Solicitors, who navigated us through every stage of this significant investment, we couldn’t have been in better hands to successfully complete the project.

“Not only have their services been completely professional, but our journey has attracted a number of important partners and investors, who in turn have gone on to act as brand ambassadors for us.”

Mr Neville said he was planning a public open day at the brewery on May 26 and said he hopes that by Christmas, the bar where people will be able to see their drink being brewed in front of them will be open.