BREAKING NEWS: Inquest told 19-month-old Northampton boy who died of dehydration received “sub standard care” before his death

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THE mother of a 19-month-old boy from Northampton who died of dehydration told an inquest today that her son was provided with “sub standard care” in the days before his death.

Harry Connolly died at home in Parkfield Avenue, Delapre, in May last year and tests showed he died of dehydration and acute kidney failure after suffering from an inflammation of the colon.

In the days before he died, Harry suffered from severe diarrhoea and vomiting and, on the Tuesday before his death, his mother had taken him to be examined by a GP, and he was admitted overnight to Paddington Ward at Northampton General Hospital.

Harry was discharged but was taken back to the hospital on the Thursday and the Northamptonshire NENEDOC out-of-hours emergency GP service on Friday after he became unable to keep any fluids down.

Harry was tragically found dead in his bead by his father in the early hours of Sunday, May 1.

An inquest at Northampton General Hospital today was read a statement from Harry’s mum Lucy, aged 29, who said she felt the “entire management of her son’s treatment was sub standard” with “mistakes made from the first time he was admitted to hospital.”

Mrs Connolly said: “I’m shocked that he died of dehydration in this day and age. How can this be possible in a Western country with all the equipment we have to reach a correct diagnosis and use the correct treatment?”