BREAKING NEWS: Home Office says Northamptonshire couple facing extradition have ‘exhausted’ all options

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The Home Office has revealed it will not be granting a 14-day extension to Northamptonshire couple Paul and Sandra Dunham - who were taken ill shortly before they were due to be extradited to the United States this morning.

This morning the lawyer for the couple had a last desperate plea to Home Secretary, Theresa May, to allow the Collingtree grandparents a further fortnight in the UK.

They made the appeal hours after Paul and Sandra, both 58, were taken to Northampton General Hospital after police had to force entry into their home.

Paramedics were called out and the couple are currently receiving treatment at Northampton General Hospital.

But this afternoon it has been announced the Home Office will not grant any further extension.

A spokesman for the department said: “The Home Secretary does not have the power to intervene in this case.

“Mr and Mrs Dunham have exhausted all rights under the extradition act.

“They are due to be extradited to the United States in line with the terms of the act.

“Any application to delay or challenge extradition at this stage would have to be made to Westminster Magistrates Court or the High Court.”

Mr Dunham, 58, who was chief executive and president of Pace, a US company manufacturing soldering irons for the electronics industry, was indicted on 13 counts of fraud and money-laundering by a grand jury in Greenbelt, Maryland, in December 2011.