BREAKING NEWS: Ambulances arrive again at Carlsberg factory in Northampton

Three ambulances have just entered the Carlsberg factory in Northampton and a path behind the brewery has been cordoned off as investigations continue into yesterday's ammonia leak.

Thursday, 10th November 2016, 2:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:15 pm
An ambulance leaves the Carlsberg factory in Northampton.

Northamptonshire Police says it has been continuing its “multi-agency” investigation at the factory today after the ammonia leak claimed the life of a man in his 40s and left a 51-year-old man in a critical condition yesterday.

Around 30 minutes ago, police cordoned off the pathway leading behind the factory, which runs alongside the River Nene.

Then, within minutes, three ambulances arrived at the plant, entering through the Western Wharf entrance.

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An area in the forecourt at Carlsberg is cordoned off with cones.

A spokeswoman for East Midlands Ambulance Service, said: “This is being treated as an ongoing incident and our HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) team are called as and when if it is felt their support is needed.”

Production has stopped at the factory today, though there are staff on the premises.

Areas within the factory forecourt appear cordoned off by cones, though it is not known whether these areas form part of the investigation.  

Yesterday 11 members of staff and a further 11 members of the emergency services were taken to hospital following the ammonia leak.

An area in the forecourt at Carlsberg is cordoned off with cones.

Speaking of the incident yesterday, Colin Wells of the Fire Brigades Union, said: “The ammonia inhalation lead to someone suffering respiratory disorders, tight chests, wheezing, we had headaches, sore eyes symptoms, like being hit by a brick wall effectively.”

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