Brazen killer joked with guard as he waited to be sentenced for murder

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Brazen murderer Mark Ellson joked with security officers in the dock while he waited to be sentenced for the murder of Giuseppe Miceli.

The homeless 41-year-old, who showed no emotion as the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict, was seen openly smiling and laughing as he waited for Judge Rupert Mayo to return to court to jail him.

In delivering his sentence, Judge Mayo delivered a withering criticism of Ellson for showing a “total lack of empathy and remorse” towards the family of Mr Miceli.

Ellson had denied striking one of the blows to Mr Miceli as he lay helpless on the floor of his home, but this was also rejected by the judge in his remarks.

Addressing Ellson, Judge Mayo said: “You have behaved in an arrogant, persistently dishonest and selfish way. You don’t care where you get money from. You are a manipulator and you are a bully.

“Guiseppe Miceli was one of the town’s colourful characters. He was a businessman, and was no mere amateur.

“But he was vulnerable because of his age and the value of the items in his home.

“You visited him between five and 10 times before you killed him. You established a level of trust.

“This was no more and no less an action driven by greed. You could see he was smaller, older and weaker than you.

“I am satisfied one of the blows was delivered while he lay helpless and struggling on the floor.

“You continued to attack him until he was dead.

“You knew that by striking an elderly man on the head, that there could only be one outcome.

“You have shown no remorse, and a total lack of empathy towards Mr Miceli and his family.”