Bravery awards for Northampton security guards who rescued driver from sinking car

Two security guards at Billing Aquadrome in Northampton have been given bravery awards after they pulled a former colleague from a car that had crashed into a stream.

Kevin Mason, aged 50, and Ross Edwards, 33, were called to the scene at around 9pm on February 28 after Chris Kelf, aged 70, swerved off the road and landed upside down in deep water.

Responding immediately, they got into the water - a stream connecting the holiday park’s lakes - and wrenched open the door before dragging Mr Kelf to safety.

They then took him to the nearby home of a Northampton nurse and kept him calm and warm until the ambulance arrived minutes later.

Mr Edwards said: “Chris used to work with us on the security team so we recognised his car as soon as we got there, which heightened our fear of what we might find inside.

“The worst part was getting into the freezing cold water, but we did what anybody on the team would have done.

“Watching Bear Grylls programmes on television taught us to get Chris’ wet clothes off and warm him up, but we are not trained medics and were relieved when the ambulance turned up. Then we got dried off and changed and were back on duty in half an hour.”

Mr Mason added: “We are happy with the result of the situation and it is a good feeling to know you’ve really helped someone.”

Mr Kelf, who lives most of the year at the park with his wife, Win, sustained no serious injuries from the accident.

He said: “The security team at the Aquadrome do a fantastic job and really know what to do when they’re needed.

“Kevin and Ross really did save my life, they are brilliant boys.”

Mr Mason and Mr Edwards were presented with their awards this morning by Chris Blundred and Sam Cooper of East Midlands Ambulance who both attended the scene and took Mr Kelf to hospital.

A spokesman for the ambulance said:“We want to advise readers that jumping into deep water can be very dangerous and anyone faced with this sort of situation is asked to consider their own safety before helping others.

“Ross and Kevin knew the depth of the lake and were able to assess their own safety before they helped Chris.”