Brackley school pupils' favourite teacher to return for charity DJ gig

Former pupils of a Brackley school are looking forward to a special reunion with a popular ex-teacher who doubled up as their favourite DJ.

Friday, 31st March 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:02 pm

Steve Cushing was once a graphic design tutor at Magdalen College School.

But by night he would let out his alter-ego as DJ of the Bray Sounds Discos throughout the 1980s in the school’s Waynflete Hall.

After being spotted on social media, the wheels were quickly set in motion for a charity reunion gig at his former school in Brackley.

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Liesa Coates from the Bray Sounds Management Committee said: “For years whenever any of us old pupils would meet up we would always talk fondly about Bray Sounds and wonder what had happened to Steve.

“Many have said that if it wasn’t for Steve’s Bray Sounds Discos back in the 1980s we would have had nothing to do in the area.

“It was the big event of the week, where the latest fashions would be shown off, the latest dance crazes to the latest music and of course where teenage love blossomed for many.

“It’s no wonder that Bray Sounds has a special place in the hearts of former students.”

The news spread like wildfire among ex-students that Steve was alive and well and living in France.

In no time at all, a special Bray Sounds Reunion page had been set up on Facebook and more than 800 members joined in just three hours, a testament to Steve’s and the night’s popularity, which regularly attracted hundreds of teenagers.

With so many calling for Steve to return to the school for an 80s reunion it was difficult for him to resist.

He said: “I had such a great time teaching and sharing great music with these wonderful young people in the 1980s.

“I am so honoured that they not only remember, but still want to share friendships, dancing and laughs both together and with me after all these years have passed.

“If anything is proof that music touches our souls this is it.

“I so look forward to meeting them all again. Rock on!”

On the evening of Friday, May 19, Steve and his Bray Sounds Disco will make their return back at the Waynflete Hall at the Magdalen College School.

Tickets are available online and are priced at £20.

Monies from the ticket sales will be donated to a charity to be disclosed at a later date.

Visit the website for tickets.

For further information or assistance contact Liesa Coates on 07887 967881.