Boy, 10, thanks people of Northampton for blood donors during cancer treatment

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A ten-year-old boy is encouraging people in Northampton to give blood.

Alfe Game recently went along with his family and friends to a blood donation session at the St Giles Rooms in Northampton to say thank you to donors for the blood he received during his treatment for cancer and to highlight the importance of blood donations in the treatment of other children like him.

In September 2009 Alfe was diagnosed with B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so his mother Karen Rogers set up Alfe’s Cause to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to support the families of children with the disease.

Karen said: “Alfe needed to have a lot of blood transfusions during his treatment so we are really keen to make people aware of just how important blood donations are in the treatment of children with cancer.”

Blood donation sessions are held every month at the St Giles Rooms, St Giles Terrace, Northampton.

Times and dates of sessions are available by ringing 0300 1232323 or on to find out about upcomming sessions and to book an appointment online to donate.

You can also register to become a donor on our website. Anyone aged between 17 - 65, weighing more than 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health could potentially start saving lives by becoming a blood donor. There is no upper age limit for donors who have donated in the last two years.