Botched breast implants victim fights ‘loophole’

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An alleged victim of botched breast implants has called for the closure of a loophole that allows medical firms to avoid paying compensation.

Natalie Smith, from Delapre, Northampton, had her breasts enlarged with surgery carried out by a medical company.

The firm has now gone into administration as it faced complaints from Miss Smith and about 1,700 other women, who claimed they had been given leaky PIP silicone implants.

But the same medical staff have have now been transferred to a new company that is free from the payout claims.

Miss Smith, said: “The law, as it stands, allows directors of certain types of company to simply start again. It effectively means there’s nothing to deter firms because they can easily avoid compensation claims in this way.

“I want my case to highlight how unfair that is.”

The 26-year-old has had a basic NHS ultrasound which did not find any ruptures, but has been in pain for three months and feels sure there is a problem.

Although the NHS could remove the implants for free if they were found to be dangerous, she is now trying to raise £3,100 to have them replaced, partly through a fund at the King Billy pub in Bridge Street, where she used to work.

She said: “They are so painful I can’t even hug my fiance.

“But I’m determined that the NHS shouldn’t pay for putting the situation right.